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Delaware River Flood Museum Projects

Easton High School Projects

"Get out of Easton Alive!" Board Game                    Permeable Asphalt Fountain and Interpretive Panels

Northampton Community College Projects

Land Use Runoff Models


  Urban Land Use Water Runoff Model             Eco-Friendly Land Use Water Runoff Model    Natural Wetland Water Runoff Model

The Land-Use Project Team

From left to right: Diana Hernández, Robyn Henry, Kalya Davis, Cori Feller, Jorge Picado, Carlos Ortiz

Flood Safety Board Game

Flood Safety Project Team, l-r: Joshua Kaminski, Barbara Andrews, Paola Mero, Jennifer Bruno

Web Site - Economic Impacts of Flooding


Web Site Project Team

From left to right: Anastasia Junda, Ellen Stocker, Tereza Knudson, Shi Zhao, (behind Eden), Eden Fimiano