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High School Flood Safety Unit

Writers: Michelle Adams, CiCi Colvin, Ramy El Khoury, Nadine Morgan, Giancarlo Sanchez,
Northampton Community College Leadership Class 2009
Piloting: Nick Henshue, 11th grade Environmental Science, Easton High School, PA
Assistance: Angel Gillette, Northampton County Division of Emergency Management Services,
Cordelia Miller, American Red Cross of the Greater Lehigh Valley


Part 1: Introduction "What Do You Know About Floods?"

Click here to view "What Do You Know About Floods?" PowerPoint

Click here to download "What Do You Know About Floods?" PowerPoint (1.03 MB)

Part 2: Turn Around, Don't Drown

Part 3: The Dangers of Flood Water

Part 4: Creating A Flood Emergency Kit

Part 5: Creating a Flood Risk Map